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How to Fulfill Leadership’s First Responsibility

Fear hopes monsters go away. Courage grabs them by the throat. “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.” Max De Pree The movie, Apollo 13, made the phrase, “Houston, we… Continue reading

Crushing 5 Urgent Leadership Challenges

#1 Productivity: The difference between success and failure is doing things others put off. Protect time with priorities. Some things feel urgent but they don’t matter. Urgencies control weak leaders. Courageous leaders bird-dog priorities. Mission… Continue reading

16 Dumb Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

The hardest question to ask is the obvious one. Fearful leaders remain silent. Courageous leaders ask. What are we doing? Compared to what? Who said? Why not? Move from “either/or” to “and” by asking,… Continue reading

The Leadership Shift toward Exponential Success

Image source The fringes of leadership are populated with problem-centric leaders. Leaders are born when they shift from self to others. Leaders begin leading when they shift toward solutions. The first is a beginning – the second… Continue reading