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16 Dumb Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

The hardest question to ask is the obvious one. Fearful leaders remain silent. Courageous leaders ask. What are we doing? Compared to what? Who said? Why not? Move from “either/or” to “and” by asking,… Continue reading

10 Ways to Spot Authentic Leaders

Authenticity, like trust, feedback, and empowerment are words tossed around in leadership circles like nuts at a squirrel buffet. But, talk isn’t always cheap. Words change lives and organizations. However, talk is nearly… Continue reading

Finding Your Power

Focusing on what others should have done is an excuse maker’s paradise. Responses reflect values. Excuse maker and blamers value themselves above others. They’ll drive the knife in your back if it serves… Continue reading

Are You “Dumb” Enough to Lead

You rose to leadership because you provided answers and solutions; that’s what individual contributors do. Not so with leaders. In the past, you had all the answers but now you need all the… Continue reading