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When Projects Fail

We had a project fail. Let it sting. Soothing pain is for babies, not big boys and girls. Team members who don’t care about losing are losers. Don’t sooth discomfort by minimizing failure,… Continue reading

How to Fulfill Leadership’s First Responsibility

Fear hopes monsters go away. Courage grabs them by the throat. “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.” Max De Pree The movie, Apollo 13, made the phrase, “Houston, we… Continue reading

Identify your Point of Greatest Opportunity

The door to achievement never opens kindly. It swings on reluctant hinges called resistance. Failure to push through resistance explains why you’re stuck. You came to a doorway and sat down. You started… Continue reading

Seven Ways to Push Through Embarrassment

Image source You haven’t led if you haven’t felt embarrassed. Sadly, egocentric fear of embarrassment blocks exceptional. Embarrassment freezes you in your tracks like a deer in the headlights, afraid to move. Embarrassment… Continue reading

The Bad B’s of Leadership

Bad leadership feels safe like baggy jeans and broken-in sneakers. Bad leadership has a baffling capacity to walk comfortable paths while the world changes. Bold leadership, on the other hand, feels dangerous like… Continue reading

Who’s Your Daddy

We sit at the feet of successful leaders like children being cared for by parents. Our childishness speaks to lack of power, fear of failure, and the false hope that someone will take… Continue reading