David, Goliath, and Cows Looking at new Gates


Dairy cows walk the same path, following each other. The grass wears away. The ground grows hard. They know where to go.

Every morning and night, when I was a kid, I opened the gate in the electric fence to let them into the barnyard and then into the barn. When they left, after being milked, I closed the gate.

Everything runs smoothly for cows, as long as gates stay in the same place. But, move the gate and the lead cow will walk to the place where the old gate was. Drive her to the new gate and she’ll dig in, fearful to step through.

Cows run from new gates. There’s no path. It’s unfamiliar.

People are like cows looking at new gates, when it comes to opportunities.

Opportunities aren’t continuities
and that’s the reason you run from them.

Portrait of an opportunity:

  1. Bigger – great opportunities feel bigger than you. It’s worrisome.
  2. Uncertainty – you haven’t been here before. Well worn paths are continuities not opportunities.
  3. Confusion – clarity and opportunity don’t mix, at least at first.
  4. Fear – confusion creates doubt. Doubt inspires fear. Fear makes feet run.
  5. A step – opportunities aren’t opportunities until you step toward rather than away.
  6. Learn
  7. Adapt as you go.

Throwing stones:

David and Goliath is the quintessential story of overcoming the odds. Everyone saw a problem. But, David saw an opportunity.  It was bigger than him. He wasn’t prepared.

David did what he could. Others advised him to use traditional methods of warfare. But, he wasn’t a warrior. He was a poet, musician, and shepherd. So, he picked up a stone and threw it with a sling.

The whole David – Goliath story.

Is it time for you to throw a few rocks, to step through a new gate?

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