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Facing the “F” Word in Leadership

I asked a world famous leader about frailty and leadership. He looked at me like I had ten heads. I felt embarrassed to have used the “F” word – frailty. Leaders who changed… Continue reading

How to Inspire Others

Drag others down and you’ll go down with them. The magnitude of your impact is determined by your ability to ignite passion in others. You make a difference by inspiring others to make a… Continue reading

Believing You Can When You Can’t

Some singers only think they can sing. Tell them they can’t and you have a hearing problem. Believing you can when you can’t frustrates others and hinders you. Some leaders only believe they… Continue reading

Bullies aren’t Strong and Compassion isn’t Weak

Great results require toughness. The belief that compassion is soft and toughness gets results explains why so little compassion exists in organizations. I’m an either/or type person, it’s my nature. I wrongly believe combining… Continue reading

Seven Proven Ways to Inspire Others

***** You make a difference by inspiring others to make a difference. Here’s how: 1. Stop fixing. If your passion for excellence and success drives you to constantly fix people, stop it. Problem… Continue reading