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Handling Co-Worker Complaints and Backstabbing

Here’s a question from a recent workshop participant. “How do you handle someone complaining about a co-worker?” First, you want people to come to you. Some managers want challenges, problems, and people to… Continue reading

How to Find Your Breakthrough

***** If you already know the answer, you’re not going anywhere. I don’t think you can lead if you hate surprises. Leaders rise up during uncertainty and press through ambiguity; they embrace surprises.… Continue reading

Jim Collins on Bullets before Cannonballs

“Shoot bullets before cannon balls.” Jim Collins Foolish leaders rely on cannonballs. Wise leaders shoot bullets first. During difficult times foolish leaders look for big solutions, giant leaps, and dramatic success. Wise leaders take small… Continue reading

Finding Your Power

Focusing on what others should have done is an excuse maker’s paradise. Responses reflect values. Excuse maker and blamers value themselves above others. They’ll drive the knife in your back if it serves… Continue reading

10 Strategies to Fix the Reason You’re Stuck

***** Waiting is the reason life hasn’t changed. Waiting seldom takes you where you want to go. You aren’t where you hoped because you haven’t taken steps to get there; you’ve waited. The path… Continue reading