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Don’t Depend on Others

“Don’t depend on others,” is a destructive scam.

Life is limited to individual achievement when you don’t depend on others.

How to depend on others…

3 Signs You’re Offering Destructive Support

Leaders are learning about emotional well-being at work. Support is an essential aspect of leading today.

There is a danger, however. Some support is destructive. Today, I’m offering you an opportunity to reflect on your support efforts.

The goal of support is enabling. It’s helpful to spot the signs of destructive support.

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6 Questions Smart Leaders Ask Themselves When Giving Ownership

#1. What is my attitude about letting go of things? Leaders who are reluctant to give ownership always end up doing other people’s work. People are slow to take ownership when you are… Continue reading

Have you Fallen into the Destructive Practice of Offering Harmful Help

Harmful help looks like… Not doing your own job because you’re doing other people’s jobs. Bottlenecking results. Burnout. Resentment toward people who should be helping themselves and others. Disappointment because you helped someone,… Continue reading