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6 Real World Ways to Build Hope

Sometimes the voice in your head whispers, “It’s not worth it.” Sometimes that voice is right. Sometimes it’s time to build hope. Nietzsche said, “Hope in reality is the worst of all evils… Continue reading

E.B. White: On Hope

E.B. White received a letter from a man who had given up on the world. The letter below is White’s response. North Brooklin, Maine, 30 March 1973 Dear Mr. Nadeau: As long as… Continue reading

The Power of Wishful Thinking

I stood beside the sink and marveled while dad proved his manliness. He whipped lather in a cup with a steaming shaving brush. His face disappeared in glorious white foam. The swipe of… Continue reading

Three Secrets to Heartfelt Engagement

Pressure invites resistance. Demanding conformity hinders engagement. Don’t use authority and pressure to get what  you want. Find out what they want. Explore their hopes and dreams. The more energy spent pressuring and convincing,… Continue reading