Three Secrets to Heartfelt Engagement

natural engagement

Pressure invites resistance. Demanding conformity hinders engagement. Don’t use authority and pressure to get what  you want.

Find out what they want. Explore their hopes and dreams.

The more energy spent pressuring and convincing, the less relevant you become. But, connection and overlapping vision infuse relationships with energy and engagement.

The best way to get where you want to go
is figure out where they want to go.

The more energy spent convincing, the
less vibrant relationships become.

Natural engagement:

  1. Focus first on their vision, then on yours.
  2. Encourage employees to articulate personal vision.
  3. Spend time exploring vision overlap. The better you identify and highlight vision-overlap the more engagement.

Get over yourself:

A graduating college senior reported they received an offer from every job interview they attended. I asked, “Why are you so successful?”

“I let them talk about themselves. They do most of the talking and I do most of the listening.”

Organizations who are in love with themselves forget success is about others. They use people rather than engaging them.

  1. Get on their team before asking them to join yours.
  2. Ask more questions about their hopes, dreams, and motivations.
  3. Train and provide time for employees to create their own vision statements. Overlap is easier when vision is clear.

If you want employees to love you, love them. Wrong headed leaders want employees to feel fortunate they have jobs.

Successful leaders find overlap between organizational and personal vision.

Broad overlap:

I contacted several employees of a Federal organization in preparation for a presentation I was scheduled to give.

During my calls, everyone told me they feel like they are making a difference. Their personal passion to make a difference helps them find overlap with the mission of their organization.

*Illustration source: Business at the Speed of Now.

What can leaders do to find overlap between organizational and personal vision?

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