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4 Ways to Reach Extraordinary

Everest was identified as the highest point above sea level in 1852. 70 years later, George Mallory and others attempted to reach the summit and failed (1922). Mallory attempted to summit Everest again… Continue reading

Two Seductions that Stunt Growth

Talent provides advantage, but growth multiplies possibility. You’re a runt when you squander growth opportunities. People might think you’re cute but neglecting growth insults talent. You are responsible for your development. No one… Continue reading

Three Things You Must Let Go

A man is hanging by a branch above a deep ravine. He looks down; then he looks up and yells, “Help! Help! Is anyone up there?” “I’m here,” the reply comes. “Can you… Continue reading

The Only Challenge that Matters

The only challenge that matters is the one you give yourself. Others might try to challenge you, but the only challenge you win is the one you want to win. The only way… Continue reading

3 Ways Tom Brady is Extraordinary and You Can Be Too

I’ve been a fan of New England sports teams since I was a kid. But when Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay, I started rooting for the Buccaneers. Low expectations – high performance:… Continue reading

Four Ways to Succeed with the Stinky Part of Work

If you dislike 30% of your job, look for another job. You can dislike 20% of your job and still enjoy work. (Informal surveys of managers.) If you like 80% of your job,… Continue reading