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A New Year – A New Focus

An unfocused life goes in circles. Focus – in the new year – matters because you go where you look. Focus determines direction. The problem, bad is magnetic. You focus on a hangnail… Continue reading

How to Design a Path Forward when You Feel Like the Chief Plate Spinner

Plate spinners run from one crisis to the next. One plate spins up, another nearly falls. The threat of broken plates makes watching fun – unless it’s not an act. Spinning plates is… Continue reading

Would you like to Change Direction? How Attention Determines Direction

You can’t control negative thoughts that pop into your head. You can’t stop thinking about problems, past offenses, failures, or disappointments by trying not to think about them. Tell yourself to stop thinking… Continue reading

Stop Barking up the Wrong Tree

Leaders who work to extend their influence are barking up the wrong tree. John Maxwell said, “Leadership is influence.” But, gaining influence isn’t about working to get it; it’s about connecting. Stop worrying… Continue reading