Stop Barking up the Wrong Tree

Leaders who work to extend their influence
are barking up the wrong tree.

John Maxwell said, “Leadership is influence.” But, gaining influence isn’t about working to get it; it’s about connecting. Stop worrying about influence; start connecting.

Who enjoys the power to influence?

  1. Respected people.
  2. Skillful people.
  3. Famous people.
  4. People with position.
  5. ???

But there’s more:

Connection enhances influence. People you influence feel connected to you – the deeper the connection the greater the influence.

New focus:

The new focus of leadership is on connecting.

Connecting tips:

  1. Walk toward people.
  2. Share yourself. Be transparent.
  3. Speak to values, fears, hopes, and aspirations.
  4. Give.
  5. Understand and serve their best interest.
  6. Talk less – listen more.
  7. Remember names.
  8. Praise and thank.
  9. Move first – serve first.
  10. ???

Connect with intent:

Avoid connecting for the sake of connecting. Connect with purpose. Connect to open channels that enable giving. Earn the right to be heard then enhance the success of others.

If leadership is influence, influence is about connecting.

How do you connect with people?