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5 Structures that Shaped Zappos’ Culture

Lack of focus wastes energy, squanders resources, and defeats hope. Focus, on the other hand, eliminates the superfluous in order to grasp the essential. Success requires focus. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, describes… Continue reading

Fixing Why Leaders Don’t Let Go of Decisions

Decisions should be made by those closest to the action. The trouble is those closest to the action may not see the big picture. They may act selfishly. Perhaps they’re great at their… Continue reading

Overcoming the Danger of Taking Ownership

Ownership is dangerous when others are ruled out. “It’s mine! Don’t touch my things!” Individual owners do things themselves. That’s good unless it become exclusive, protective, and short-sighted. Individual contributors: The trouble with… Continue reading

Can Complainers Become Leaders

Are complainers potential leaders? Listen closely to their complaints; learn from their techniques. Seeing problems is the beginning of leadership; circling problems ends leadership. Some see problems and complain; leaders see problems and seek solutions.… Continue reading

Fitting In AND Standing Out

When I was young fitting in meant becoming what others expected. Now I know, fitting in requires knowing yourself not losing yourself. Leaders and managers who help people fit in create dynamic organizations.… Continue reading