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I’m Not Sure I’m Up to the Task

Comfortable jobs equal drifting employees. Everyone in your organization needs to feel stretched in some area. Successful leaders help others step into uncomfortable – stretching – challenges and opportunities. Eventually, you’ll hear, “I’m… Continue reading

16 Practices that Reignite Momentum

You lost momentum because you did the right thing too long. Momentum never changes until something changes. Igniting momentum requires shifts in attitudes, behaviors, methods, and results. 16 practices to reignite momentum: Celebrate… Continue reading

Getting Crazy

Image source Run to crazy people. Avoid comfortable people. Teammates, who think like you, are irrelevant. They take up space and suck oxygen. Reserve chairs and air for crazies. Invite in those who… Continue reading

20 Ways to Spot Leaders with Understanding

All foolish leaders believe they understand things they don’t. Foolish leaders: Are cocky not confident – fearful. Pretend they like you when they don’t – manipulator. Reject authority – arrogant. Express anger quickly… Continue reading

Crushing 5 Urgent Leadership Challenges

#1 Productivity: The difference between success and failure is doing things others put off. Protect time with priorities. Some things feel urgent but they don’t matter. Urgencies control weak leaders. Courageous leaders bird-dog priorities. Mission… Continue reading

The Complete List of Reasons Leaders Fail

Top 12 reasons leaders fail: Neglecting culture. Culture building is job-one for all leaders. Lack of paranoia. The paranoid think about what could go wrong and make contingency plans. Bitterness, grudges, and resentment.… Continue reading