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How to Generate Enthusiasm with Assessments

Those who don’t enjoy measuring results, don’t enjoy achievement. Unmeasured results don’t matter. Hitting baseballs reminded me that effective assessments increase enthusiasm, concentration, and satisfaction. The visit: Dahliah, Asher, and Abram, three of… Continue reading

The Real Reason Teams Don’t Work

Overwork prevents teamwork. Imagine the feeling of being close to missing a deadline. At 3:00 p.m. a team mate needs your expertise on their marketing project. Are you eager to serve? Or, are… Continue reading

Overcome the Dangers of Office Politics

Unethical office politicians create perceived threats. They’ll suggest someone is out to get you. “Watch out for Joe!” Vulnerability to unethical office politicians occurs when you wrongly believe they’re acting in your best… Continue reading

Just the Gravy

Highlights from day one of The Global Leadership Summit: Bill Hybels: The leaders most valuable asset isn’t time its energy and the ability to energize others. Leaders manage energy. Arrange your schedule around… Continue reading

The #1 Thing Leaders Suck At

I felt like a kid in a candy story when, after the first ring, Jim Kouzes, co-author of The Leadership Challenge, picked up the phone and said, “It’s Jim.” Four years ago, by… Continue reading

8 Ways to Find Freedom

Freedom ignites passion, imagination, and initiative; control destroys it.  Freedom feeds vitality; control oppresses and limits. Freedom, however, is dangerous. Freedom is essential because their expertise exceeds yours, in their area. If you… Continue reading