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10 Ways to Become the Leader Others Value

It’s not “just” business. The greatest “ship” in leadership is relationship. The priority of relationship came home to me in a follow-up call with Bob Buford. Bob was mentored by Peter Drucker. Their mentoring relationship turned… Continue reading

How to Influence Like Peter Drucker

Extend your influence by following the example of Peter Drucker. Drucker’s 9 channels of influence: “Define the landscape.” “Expose ‘white space’ – define opportunities – what is needed now.” “Clarify strengths and capacities.” “Identify… Continue reading

How to Avoid Irrelevance, Guaranteed!

You may be the world’s best pickle packer. But, if the world doesn’t value perfectly packed pickles, you are tragically irrelevant. Value: Customers determine value, not you. Spend as much time understanding the… Continue reading

How to Solve the Garbage Problem in Leadership

You insult your friends, colleagues, and your maker, when you neglect your abilities. But, worst of all, you insult yourself. Garbage is neglected; valuables cherished. Stop treating yourself like rubbish. Develop your gift.… Continue reading

Exposing Bobble Heads

Bobble head leaders don’t say what they really think. They go with the flow to get ahead. Bobble heads don’t speak their mind they defend the company line. Leaders become bobble heads to… Continue reading

Leadership’s Greatest Value

Problems are giant black holes that capture focus, drain vitality, and divert resources. Solving problems seduces leaders away from future opportunities causing them to focus on past inadequacies. Problems that threaten organizations must be… Continue reading