How to Solve the Garbage Problem in Leadership


You insult your friends, colleagues, and your maker, when you neglect your abilities. But, worst of all, you insult yourself. Garbage is neglected; valuables cherished.

Stop treating yourself like rubbish.
Develop your gift.

Stop expecting others to do what you must do. Take responsibility for the swamp you slipped into.

Despise downward stagnation
before you sink out of sight.

Peter Drucker said, “Leaders are not born, nor are they made – they are self-made.”

Self-made isn’t selfish:

Develop yourself by serving others. Enhance your ability to make the world better for others and you enhance yourself as well.

Develop yourself by developing others. Leaders are more than learners, they’re teachers. Those who teach develop the most.

Giving is vitality;
hoarding is death.

Pour into your cup by pouring into others.

Generosity is the path to maximum impact.

Generous leaders give others confidence to be themselves, before they give information and advice. Those without confidence reject learning.

The gift of confidence:

Confidence isn’t the result of encouraging words like, “You can do it.” Those who lack confidence reject encouragement. Confidence is the result of achievement followed by acknowledgement.

Develop yourself by helping others achieve.

Topics for self-development:

Follow your whining.

  1. “No-one listens to me.” – Listen to others.
  2. “I feel neglected.” – Make others feel important.
  3. “I’m not getting ahead.” – Help others reach their goals.

You aren’t neglecting yourself when you seize opportunities to be generous with others.

Suggestions inspired by Facebook contributors:

  1. Try stuff. Gain broad experience. Don’t get stuck in one thing.
  2. Welcome feedback. Excellence requires feedback.
  3. Connect with generous leaders who share what they know.
  4. Seize opportunities.
  5. Hang with those who are more talented and wiser.

Great leaders are great at developing themselves and others.

How can leaders develop their own leadership?

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