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Great Advice for Leaders in Two Words

Bad advice is dangerous when it sounds smart. Take, ‘get over it’, for example. ‘Get over it’, isn’t great advice. It’s absurd and destructive. Don’t get over it. Become better because of it.… Continue reading

Saturday Sage: How to Become a Go-To Person

When your friends face critical life-decisions, you want to be their go-to person. When knees buckle and people are stressed, you want to give strength. When leaders around you stumble, you want them… Continue reading

5 Ways to Become a Gifted Adviser

An eager adviser is seldom sought-after. A person who loves telling others what to do is blind to their own arrogance. An excited adviser needs advice. 5 Ways to become a gifted adviser:… Continue reading

The Advice Leaders Need But Often Reject

The things you know affirm what you’ve done. But advice that seems wrong has the power to change your leadership. Advice disrupts. Advice-seeking: The richest possible life includes advice-seeking. Advice-seeking is listening for… Continue reading

7 Universal Principles that Explain the Persistent Problems of Leadership

7 universal principles: #1. If you’re persistently exhausted, you’re doing too many things. Reflections for exhausted leaders: What needs to be true for you to rest? What time will you stop working today?… Continue reading

The 4 Unbreakable Rules of Giving Advice that People Actually Respect

Most advice-givers should be avoided. You’re good at telling people what you think. But you’re confused if you think giving advice is the same as telling people what you think. Skillful advice-givers accelerate… Continue reading