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Between Stupidity and Wisdom

There’s a name for people who are too stupid to know they are stupid. The Dunning–Kruger effect.

You haven’t learned anything unless you’re a fool. Wisdom is always learning.

Complete These 10 Sentences Before Seeking Recommendations

Uncertainty breeds gullibility. Frail people desire freedom from responsibility. Frustrated people sniff out confirming voices. You can always find some fool to offer recommendations that feel good. Stupid advice seems smart to the… Continue reading

Advice to My Younger Self

You see who you are by reflecting on who you were. One way to practice self-reflection is to give advice to your younger self. I’ve done this a few times over the years.… Continue reading

Great Advice for Leaders in Two Words

Bad advice is dangerous when it sounds smart. Take, ‘get over it’, for example. ‘Get over it’, isn’t great advice. It’s absurd and destructive. Don’t get over it. Become better because of it.… Continue reading

Saturday Sage: How to Become a Go-To Person

When your friends face critical life-decisions, you want to be their go-to person. When knees buckle and people are stressed, you want to give strength. When leaders around you stumble, you want them… Continue reading

5 Ways to Become a Gifted Adviser

An eager adviser is seldom sought-after. A person who loves telling others what to do is blind to their own arrogance. An excited adviser needs advice. 5 Ways to become a gifted adviser:… Continue reading