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How Motherhood Makes Many Women Better Leaders

“Motherhood transforms many women into better leaders.” Joann Lublin – Power Moms Lublin writes, “Tapping skills honed as time-starved parents, they set priorities well, multitasked, and delegated effectively.” And motherhood provides even bigger… Continue reading

How Women Leaders Adapt

Global organizations do business in countries where men are given more status than women. Wise business leaders, for the sake of effectiveness, adapt to cultures. If you don’t adapt to cultures, “Not only… Continue reading

Why Powerful Women Should Talk Less

It’s perilous to ignore the way people expect you to behave. Like it or not, we have stereo typical expectations when it comes to talking and power. We expect powerful men to talk… Continue reading

Where Men Leaders are Better Than Women

Talking about gender stereotypes is dangerous. It was interesting and less dangerous to see research indicating women leaders are better than men in specific areas, statistically speaking. See: “It’s Harder for Women than… Continue reading

It’s Harder for Women

“The path to the top is harder for women than men,” Ruth Malloy. Men can be men but women must be both. Hay Group has identified six leadership styles. I’ve circled stereotypical male styles… Continue reading