Where Men Leaders are Better Than Women

Talking about gender stereotypes is dangerous.

It was interesting and less dangerous to see research indicating women leaders are better than men in specific areas, statistically speaking. See: “It’s Harder for Women than Men

Where men leaders are better than women is an awkward question. Men dominate top executive roles nine to one. It feels like the gorilla is yelling, “See how strong I am.” It has the feel of putting down and keeping down. Having said that, it stands to reason if women are better than men in some areas, men are better than women in others.

During our conversation titled, “Where women leaders are better than men,” a female reader indicated interest in what people thought men leaders were better at. I got some feedback on my Facebook page, as well.

Men are better at:

  1. Being objective.
  2. Being brave in large gatherings.
  3. Analytical – trust cold logic.
  4. Delegating without meddling.
  5. Trusting in themselves.
  6. Seeing the big picture.

(Unlike the post on women leaders, no research backs up these points. They are feedback from readers.)

Denying differences between men and women degrades, devalues, and obscures unique gifts and abilities. There’s power in diversity.


The danger of stereo types is untested assumptions. Some men are great nurturers and some women delegate without meddling. Don’t throw individuals in an assumptions bucket. But, if the stereo type fits, wear it. Don’t belittle it.


The real opportunity of diversity is leveraging unique strengths, not making everyone the same. Sameness is boring. Sameness dilutes.


I felt it useful to discuss the strengths of women leaders because they are still a minority in top roles. I don’t feel the same interest concerning men. However, I love celebrating womanliness and manliness as long as it’s not at the expense of the other gender.