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32 Things to say to Young Leaders

Why aren’t you asking for feedback? Tell me who you want to become in behavioral terms. Why do you matter? Tell me what you expect from yourself. Pursue clarity by asking more questions. Don’t let… Continue reading

Resolving Tension Between Young and Old Leaders

“You’re challenge is giving control to young leaders.”  (Spoken to an old leader at lunch three years ago.) He was a quiet gentleman. It was like I had reached across the table and… Continue reading

Looking Down on Young Leaders

The hope for dying organizations isn’t found in old leaders who don’t have the guts to say they created the problem. Organizations reflect the age and attitude of their leaders. The older some… Continue reading

How to Get What You Want

The law of consequence says thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and decisions produce corresponding results. Apart from the law of consequence, leadership doesn’t matter. The law of consequence and getting what you want: Give what… Continue reading

12 Ways to Connect and Mobilize People

Young leaders often explain their aspirations in self-centered language. They focus on themselves and neglect others. Individual contributors are great, but leaders always connect and mobilize people. Leadership is about others. 12 ways to… Continue reading

The Stupidity and Strength of Youth

Young leaders focus on themselves too much. They mistakenly believe success depends on them rather than others. They think about their own potential and neglect the potential of others. Small dreams are reached… Continue reading