A column for verbs


Create a column for verbs

The old saying, “When all is said and done there is usually more said than done,” applies to meetings that end without action items.

I’m listening to a podcast and I’m psyched.  It’s a conversation with Scott Belsky on the Catalystspace website.  Scott offers practical advice for getting the most out of meetings. 

In order to identify to dos, create a verbs column down the side of your meeting notes where you write action items. 

As the meeting progresses write actionable items in the verbs column.

Let’s add another practical tip.  Conclude your meeting by reading down the action items column asking, “Who does what, by when?”

Leaders get the most out of meetings by focusing on verbs.

You can hear the interview with Scott Blesky at http://www.catalystspace.com/content/podcast.  It takes a little over 8 minutes to get to Scott’s comments.

Bonus tip for list makers who write on paper.  Quickly organize and prioritize a list by dividing note paper into 4 quadrants.  Write every thing that MUST be done today in the upper left quadrant (Priority #1).  In the upper right quadrant write items that should be done today (Priority #2).  In the lower left write items that should be done soon (Priority #3).  In the lower right quadrant write low priority items (Priority #4). 

Fasten your seatbelt!  The next time you add an item to your list, place it in the appropriate quadrant.  Kapow, you’re creating a prioritized list.

Leadership Freak,  

Dan Rockwell  

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