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4 Ways Managers Screwup One-On-Ones

A simple thing that’s made complex disappoints and drains. 4 ways to screwup one-on-ones: #1. Leave them to the last minute. People feel valued when you prioritize time with them. Rushing around at… Continue reading

How to Not Be a Complete Idiot in Your Next Meeting

A great meeting is a work of art. A lousy meeting is a train wreck. Lord, give us more artists. 4 things to never say about the people upstairs. I don’t know what… Continue reading

5 Reasons You Should Stop Having One-on-Ones Immediately

Learn how to do one-on-ones well or find a career where you can work alone. Strong relationships fuel great results. 5 reasons to stop having one-on-ones: #1. Don’t have one-on-ones if you’re a… Continue reading

3 Words that Make Meetings Great

Poorly run meetings offend the talent at the table. Our hatred of meetings points to an issue leaders love to ignore. You should be fired if you consistently waste people’s time and organizational… Continue reading

Dear Dan: How Should I Lead my First Group Meetings

Dear Dan, Your work is both an encouragement and a kick in the pants. My question is, “What themes or approach would you suggest for my first group meetings as a leader?” I… Continue reading

6 Meeting Saboteurs Every Leader Meets

“If a leader does not have great meetings, he or she is not an effective leader.” Patrick Lencioni 6 Meeting saboteurs: (The original list had two 2’s in it. I fixed the numbering… Continue reading