Face dragger

Mom always told me to stand up straight and for the most part I think I do.  I can still hear her saying, “stand up straight Danny.”  Did your mom do that?

Things are different today.  Mom’s not around and I have a problem.

The problem is, when I’m thinking, I lower my head.  I’ll be walking somewhere and thinking at the same time.  That’s normal for me.  Then it hits me.  My head is hanging down and I’m walking like the hunch back of Notre Dame.  Frankly, I’m lucky I’m tall.  If I was short, I’d be a face dragger.

The cares of life, urgent needs, and deadlines can weigh us down. Beyond that, everyone is constantly engaged in an internal conversation that isn’t always pleasant.

Here’s the profound lesson of the day.

Hold your head up.

Your breathing changes and you’ll feel better if you just hold your head up.  Now don’t get all cocky and take on an arrogant strut.  Just lift your eyes from the ground, raise your head, and breathe.

Doesn’t that feel better?

What simple things do you do that make your day go better?

Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell