Burn your job description

Traditional job descriptions are a relic of a past age when jobs didn’t evolve, society seemed stable, economies seemed predictable, and people were more inclined to do what they were told.

Here’s a dynamic alternative to a traditional job description.

Create vision descriptions.  A vision description describes a preferred future for the organization and the individual being hired.  Hiring procedures transform into vision alignment activities.  Leadership, management, colleagues, and subordinates should participate in the alignment process.

Replacing traditional job descriptions with vision descriptions revolutionizes the hiring process.

Creating a vision description leverages strengths and captures opportunities.

Vision descriptions infuse job responsibilities and tasks with higher meaning.

Broader application:

Parents – Begin crafting a vision description with your sons and daughters.

Families – Describe your preferred future.

Spouses – Craft a vision description for your marriage.

How many times have you heard someone say, “If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it.”  Creating a vision description; creates targets, fuels motivation, and transforms employment into a forward facing passion-driven activity.

I think organizations and individuals would reach higher
and go further focusing on vision rather than tasks.

What does a vision description look like to you?  What’s wrong with job descriptions?  How would performance reviews change?  How would hiring and firing change?  What are the legal ramifications?  Other questions?

Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell