My biggest mistake in life

mistakesA young leader once spoke to me about wisdom that comes with age. He called it the wisdom of the sage and included me in that group. Frankly, I wasn’t excited to be put in the old sage group.

Here’s my response. If I’m a sage it’s because I’ve made so many mistakes that I’ve learned what not to do.

My biggest mistake in life was believing that having life-mission was enough.

Early in life I was given horrible advice. I was told, “Don’t worry about the future rather work at being your best where ever you are.” They explained, “Developing your best will take you where you want to go.” Today, I say that’s absolute bunk!

Mission without vision doesn’t work. Mission is about the present. Vision is about the future. All my life I’ve had a mission to be the best husband, father, teacher, speaker, leader I could be. But I lacked a clear picture of a preferred future.

It’s true, you must work at being your best, however bold success requires vision.

2010 is my year to leverage Internet technology to extend my reach and expand my influence for good. In this case, good means helping leaders reach higher in 300 words or less. It’s more than learning to be the best blogger I can be. It’s intentionally reaching out to new individuals, authors, leaders, managers, organizations, and bloggers, to offer what I have for their benefit. To learn from them and help them reach higher.

Working to be your best is about you. Vision must be about others. If you re-read the previous paragraph I think you’ll see it.

Vision drives life toward bold success.


What’s your biggest mistake in life? What do you think about having vision?


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