Community Update – 04/03/10

Congratulations to Crystal Mealer and James Leeman.

They commented on Leadership Freak ( and received free, signed copies of Katy Tynan’s book, “Survive Your Promotion.”

Read a review of Katy’s book:
Purchase “Survive you Promotion,” on Amazon.


I should have posted the names of the recipients of Katy’s book sooner. I realize that some LF readers were waiting to purchase Katy’s book until the recipients were announced. I’ll act more quickly next time.


April 18 to 23 I’m flying to Oregon to speak at a private college. Among other things, I’m delivering a six hour seminar on Mission/Vision. Can you share articles, stories, or quotes that address this topic? I’d love to quote some Leadership Freaks. I’ll be using this blog as an illustration of vision.


Thanks to everyone who adds comments. I enjoy them and I know LF readers do too.


“Criticism is something you can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing. – Arostotle.

“What people see is determined by where they sit.” – John Maxwell in, “Leadership Gold”

“The first step in figuring out what you’re looking for in a future mate is to look back at past relationships. – Shawn Graham in, “Courting Your Career”

“You do big things by doing a lot of small thing.” – Kouzes & Posner in, “The Leadership Challenge”

“Vision becomes a bold reason for living.” – Barna in, “The Power of Vision”

“Don’t narrow the dream, expand the team.” – LF


What’s your favorite leadership quote?


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