Things that tick leaders off

I’m declaring this “Whining Wednesday.” I’m going to share something that ticks me off. I’m not really looking for an answer. I’m just whining.

It really ticks me off when those going nowhere criticize those working to go somewhere. Who do they think they are? How can they give themselves permission to be arm chair quarterbacks? Honestly, when I listen to the visionless criticize vision; I want to ask them, “Where are you going in life?” I want to ask, “What happens to me if I listen to you?” I want to say, “Where are you taking your circle of friends?” Or, “Who are you lifting higher?”

I’m not thinking about individuals grappling with finding vision. I’m thinking about short-sighted folks who yank the rug out from you when you’re striving to be long-sighted.

Hey, this feels good. I’m on a roll! Here are a couple more things that tick me off!

It really ticks me off when people say they’ll do something and don’t do it.

It really ticks me off when people pretend they can do something when they know they can’t.

I know good blogs offer solutions that include lists of actionable items, but not this post.

I’m interested in what ticks you off. What’s the burr under your saddle, stone in your shoe, or tack in your chair? Feel free to post under a false name. Your irritation may become the topic of a future blog. If you leave a juicy, negative gripe, I’ll try and turn it into a positive blog. That might tick you off even more. 😉


What’s one of your leadership frustrations? How do leaders tick you off?


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