Selected comments – 06/07/2010 to 06/12/2010

What follows are selected comments Leadership readers left since Monday 06/07. Warning: this post is 354 words.


06/07 – John Wooden on Learning

Dr. Asher: ‘I know everything’ or ‘I don’t need any advice/ suggestion’ (is) the major obstacle to learning

Dr. Harvey: Leaders must have the capacity to suspend their points of view, particularly when engaged in dialogue about concepts or ideas that conflict with the way they have come to perceive the truth.

Tim: It takes a strong, confident person to be an out-of-the-closet learner!

Amy: What makes learning difficult, Fear of others asking questions.

06/08 – Growing Powder

Diane:  By the way Dan – beautiful grandchildren.

Ajay: A person learns more in adversities … It is almost impossible to learn leadership skills through education, discussion or teaching. So a person with a lot of support may not learn leadership.

Anna:  Sometimes the simple magic of someone ‘giving’ you a little bit of growing power (influence, listening, supporting your ideas) makes you strive to live up to your new good name.

Mark: The real opportunity to grow comes when you’re thrown in the deep end.

06/09 – Explosive Personal Growth

Tarek: My boss made a point to encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and do something new.

Tim: “If you’re comfortable, you aren’t growing.”

Doc: Life has to settle into a routine before a leap can occur.

Jim: Knowing what we know is important, knowing what we do not know is more important.

Croadie: (An) event can sit you on your backside with such a jolt you know you must change and you start that process but it may be years before you emerge – I’ve been there.

Sue: Once I found a way to take responsibility for my own growth, I stopped being stunted.

Dag: Life offers opportunities for explosive growth but we avoid these opportunities as much as possible.

Sam: To truly grow, “I don’t know” should be followed by “but I’ll find out.”

06/10 – Frailty and what matters

Ajay: Frailty gives value to opportunity but also gives opportunity to compromise our values.

Abhishek:  We get to know the real worth of opportunities only after frailty.

Special thanks to Doc for the poem he left on “Frailty and what matters.”


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