Frailty and what matters

Tracy Garis

Today (June 10, 2010), my wife and I are attending the funeral of Tracy Garis, a 20 year old college student who died tragically in a car accident. She was a Resident Assistant on campus and member of the National Honor Society. During the school year she attended my church. She wanted to be a dental hygienist but she won’t.

Today, I’m thinking about frailty.

Life’s frailty gives value to opportunities. Tracy’s death reminds me to seize opportunities rather than over scrutinize, excuse, and cling to the status quo. I hate the thought of living an, “I could have life.” Doesn’t, “I could have made a difference,” sound pathetic?

Life’s frailty infuses joy into the ordinary.

Life’s frailty enhances the worth of the common.

The fact that we are here one moment and gone the next gives meaning to this moment.

Tracy’s death reminds me to do less of the things that don’t matter and more of the things that do.

What matters? The feel of my wife’s hand in mine matters. Lifting up rather than putting down matters. Authenticity matters.

Its 4:50 a.m., I just heard the first birds yawning outside. It’s the start of another day.

You matter.