Selected Comments 06/13/2010 to 06/18/2010

What follows are selected comments Leadership readers left since Monday 06/13. Warning: this post exceeds the normal 300 word limit.


Ian Sanders On Leadership – 06/13

Sam: Good leaders are servant leaders.

Ajay: … start with yourself about the thing that you want others to do without expecting others to start and in fact this is the true form of servant leadership.

Creating Connections – 06/14

Francces: I think LinkedIn offers the richest engagement, the easiest targeting, and the best long-term results.

Tony: (on LinkedIn cp. Twitter) I find that I get out of each what I put in, each time I have placed an emphasis on either, I have not been disappointed

Croadie: I think a secure boss is the precursor to any of this working other than perhaps “sucking –up.”

Cathy: … I swallowed my pride and went red-faced into my boss’ office and apologized for my behavior.

Jim: Understand what “motivates” your boss.

Mark: …if you can engage with someone as a person, regardless of their status then you are a “good person.”

David: … if you truly want to build up your leadership skills, you have to build up your ability to disconnect.

Sam: Advice implies you will take it. Ask for an opinion instead.

Heba: …once mistrust and disrespect is there nothing would help to connect them.

The Race is won or lost in the Mountains – 06/15

Dr. Asher: … maintain perseverance by following the set rules of the game and march towards the victory mark with improved (methods).

Aja: Distractions … are overcome by direction.

Tony: Leaders assess the situation, make a decision and act, I got up and … coasted forward, down the mountain, where I found mechanical help…

Doc: One might suggest that the distraction is part of the journey!

Croadie: Sometimes, just sometimes it is not your type of crisis and there is no harm in giving others more control than normal.

Juggle: Rethink Work-Reclaim your Life – 06/16

Ajay: Present life is actual life.

Jim: Being overly right brained … I found that in learning how to juggle, if I allowed my right brain to control the juggling, I was able to juggle longer. When I used my left brain to analytically control the juggling, invariably one of the balls hit the floor with a thud.

Six Ways to Make Teams Work – 06/17

Hans: I’m not so sure about the need for consensus decision making.

M P: Sometimes consensus is appropriate, other times team members will fully support a leader’s decision as long as they feel their point of view has been heard and considered.

Doc: Perpetuating a feel good group that expands its mandate corrupts its charter.

Dr. Asher: A lot depends on the clarity of purpose with which the team is formed. The selection of right group members is vital and driving a team with defined process steps to handle the assigned task becomes the responsibility of a team leader.

Tim: The leader’s job is to ensure that people feel heard and understood, and if we don’t go the direction they recommend that they understand why.