Dr. Al Diaz, featured Leadership Freak (LF) contributor, asked where are the Leadership Freak values. Here’s a first attempt at discovering, not creating, core LF Values.

Ten Core Values

Leadership: Individuals make a difference.

Generosity: Leaders giving back to the community.

Exchange: Leaders are enriched by exchanging ideas.

Honesty: Dishonesty undermines influence honesty enhances influence.

Respect: Leaders extend courtesy and respect to others.

Encouragement: Leaders need support.

Growth: Leaders improve.

Courage: Leaders press through resistance

Experience: Leaders learn how to lead through failure and success.

Reading: Leaders expand their potential by bringing the outside in.


Core values drive the focus, content, conversation, and goals of the Leadership Freak community.

In the broader context, values drive decisions. Values stabilize in an unstable world. Values underpin mission and vision. Values lift individuals and organizations above being driven by personal ease and preference. Without values leaders and organizations are adrift.

Values aren’t negotiable.

I’m not sure if it’s realistic but I’d like to boil Leadership Freak core values down to 3 to 5 core values that drive the LF community.


What core values underpin your leadership?

What core values are driving the Leadership Freak community?

What top 3 core values drive the Leadership community?