A Leadership Intention

Lousy leaders are busy but don’t know what they are doing. Successful leaders live intentionally.

How do you want others to feel when they are around you?

  • Like you are smart or like they are smart?
  • Like they have great ideas or like you have great ideas?
  • Like they are stars or like you are a star?

your best


One of the best things leaders do is bring out the best in others. Bringing out the best in others includes:

  1. Instilling confidence by expressing gratitude.
  2. Understanding motivations and skills.
  3. Supporting career goals. Get on their team.
  4. Showing respect.
  5. Asking questions.
  6. Listening well.
  7. Setting high expectations.
  8. Confronting mediocrity.
  9. Extending connections.
  10. Providing training.

Not long ago, Mike Henry wisely said to me, “It’s amazing how smart others will think you are if you make them feel smart.” I suppose his statement could sound manipulative but I don’t think it was. I think he wants the best from those around him and when he gets it, they think he’s the best.


Have you decided to make others feel like they are talented, smart, valuable, or…?


Yesterday, during conversations, I noticed again that my passion does something I don’t want it to do. It shuts others down. It makes it difficult for others to disagree. When my volume goes up the participation of others goes down. On the other hand, speaking calmly and briefly, allows others to open up and feel valued.


Choose how you want to make others feel when they are around you and then to act accordingly.

How do you want others to feel around you?

What blocks your intention?

What are you doing to achieve your intention?