You not Them

Many do what they do for their family. They work hard and sacrifice because their family needs them. That’s a good reason.

Others do what they do for the cause. They pour their time, talent, and treasure into advancing an organization, program, or project that makes a difference. That’s a good reason.

Some do what they do for selfish reasons. Anger, bitterness, and resentment drive them to sabotage both themselves and others. That’s not a good reason.

If you do what you do because of others, you’ll eventually feel pushed around by others.

Do what you do because of you.

Serve your family because YOU love them not because they need you.

Give yourself to your organization, project, or program because YOU want to.

Provide services to your clients because of YOUR talent, skill, and value.

Lead because YOU want to lead.

Shifting from them to you frees you to find and provide your best to others. It may seem selfish. However, I think it’s the first step toward unselfish service.  If others are the reason you serve or lead, I think your actions impose obligations. You create bondage to respond appropriately.

If you lead because of YOU and not them, both you and those you lead are free.


Is there a danger in serving or leading, “because of you?”

How can someone move from external to internal reasons for leading?