Bob Sutton on the Freaks

Last Thursday I published a review of Bob Sutton’s wonderful book, Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best … and Learn from the Worst.”

Bob stopped in and left a comment. Here’s part of it.

“I am especially struck by the depth of the conversation — there is more here than any other place on the web about the nuances and implications of the book. So many comments go into the important little things that good bosses do.”

Bob’s not the first to mention the consistent value of the insightful comments the Leadership Freak community regularly produces. Additionally, I frequently receive compliments about the conversation on “my” blog.

One reason many Leadership Freak posts create conversations is more about the community than it is about the content. A growing number of individuals feel a sense of ownership regarding “my” blog. They interact with those leaving comments as if they own the place. In large part they do.

Bob Sutton is right.

This one’s for the growing community of Leadership Freaks that create dynamic conversations. Thank you for making a difference. Thank you for adding value.