A Personal Note Regarding my Recovery

November 20, 2011 hangs in the misty past as one of life’s turning points. It’s the day I was life flighted to a regional trauma center after a severe car accident that nearly took my life.

Three and a half months later, I’m doing very well. Specifically:

My broken right hip is responding well to therapy. I’m scheduled for full weight bearing on March 13.

My neck still gets stiff but continues to progress. There are no long term back injuries, as far as we can tell.

The broken left hand is the slowest healing of my injuries. Apparently there’s some nerve damage but over time it should slowly improve. I’m right handed, thankfully.

The right eye/eyebrow area that required two doctors nearly an hour and half to stitch is fully recovered and offers no problems. My vision is as a good now as it was before the accident. You can barely tell it was injured.

Sometime this week or next I’ll replace my wrecked pickup truck with another. I can’t see myself in something other than a truck. I’m a country boy.

Please understand that Leadership Freak is my way of giving to you. That’s why I don’t talk much about my recover. However, I know you are interested.

Every day I’m thankful for the support I enjoy from an army of generous people who care for me.

Here are three posts related to my accident:

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A post in gratitude for all the support I was receiving The Power of Accidents.

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.