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15 Discussion Topics that Strengthen Teams During Stress

15 discussion topics that strengthen teams during stress: What do you admire about your team members? Direct reports? What strengths/skills/attributes does our team have that will help us thrive during the next 30… Continue reading

Tin Rhythms from Tiny Hearts: Boldness to Lead with Empathy

Some complain they aren’t supported and others find ways to serve. Some wait for people to care for them and some choose to care for others. There are two buckets and you are… Continue reading

How to Work From Home and Not go Crazy

Fatigue from radical change and constant stress hits you after a week or two of working from home. It’s time to set boundaries and establish rhythms. #1. Establish rhythms and routines. Know what… Continue reading

How to Be Decisive and Collaborative When the House is on Fire

Bossy leaders advantage themselves. Decisive leaders advance organizational advantage. Decisive leaders: #1. Enable the inexperienced to act with confidence. Inexperienced people require direction. When experienced team members wait for instruction, there’s bureaucratic entanglement… Continue reading

Please Stop Talking about Work for 10 Minutes

Most of my conversations are agenda driven. I’ve had conversations, in recent days, with leaders scattered around the world. And when I say conversations, I mean conversations WITHOUT an agenda. Big problems make… Continue reading

How to Lead Through Turbulence and Uncertainty with Clarity and Confidence

Enough with the hand wringing. Don’t pretend things are easy when they’re hard Don’t run around with your hair on fire, or you’ll burn out. #1. Acknowledge challenges. #2. Communicate with empathy. #3.… Continue reading