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The Secret to Bringing Out the Best in Others

Support too little and challenge too much – you kick butt. People are stressed and discouraged. Challenge too little and support too much – you coddle. People are comfortable and sleepy. The secret… Continue reading

The Right Way to Make a Taco

Tacos are made with crunchy shells. Soft shells are acceptable only when crunchy shells are unavailable. The only acceptable taco shell is Old El Paso’s “Stand N Stuff” flat bottom taco shell. Cheese… Continue reading

A Two-Part Team Exercise that Shifts Focus and Elevates Performance

Lousy leaders focus on what’s wrong with you. 4 lousy-leader-behaviors: #1. Lousy leaders obsess over people’s flaws and weaknesses. #2. Lousy leaders complain about the wrong people. Under-performing leaders complain about others. But… Continue reading

A Powerful Exercise to Strengthen Teams with Untapped Potential

I’m meeting with the leadership team of a new client next week. I asked them to do the following exercise before our first meeting. Description: Please secretly complete this form for each person… Continue reading

4 Practices Guaranteed to Energize Tired Teams

We begin new jobs with enthusiasm. But repetition leads to boredom. Lousy bosses make work miserable. Constant pressure causes burnout. Successful leaders energize teams. 4 ways to energize tired teams: #1. Establish direction… Continue reading

7 Ways to Thrive when your Company is Acquired

Mergers and acquisitions have winners and losers. You’re the winner if you’re on the acquiring side. You’re the loser if you’re being acquired. Disingenuous winners tell people that things won’t change. This is… Continue reading