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Two Ways To Be Less Critical and More Positive

Critics point out what’s wrong but neglect how to improve.  Two reasons leaders are critical of others: #1. You assume people have negative motives. He’s late because he’s lazy. She didn’t smile because… Continue reading

How to Harness Complexity to Produce Radical Innovation

Book giveaway!! 20 complimentary copies available. Leave a comment on this guest post by Dr. Sunnie Giles to become eligible to win one of TWENTY complimentary copies of  “The New Science of Radical Innovation: The Six… Continue reading

Here’s the Right Link!!

Thanks for your patience. Here’s a working link for this morning’s Real Post: The Real Work of Leaders: Cheers!

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How Unpredictable Conditions can Produce Radical Innovation

7 Ways to Take Responsibility for Team Success

The simplest definition of ‘leader’ is someone with followers. But how can you be worthy of being followed? “Leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do.” Frances Hesselbein “Becoming… Continue reading