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7 Ways to be the Leader Everyone Loves to Work With

You’ve probably had a lousy leader. He made life miserable. She had irritating habits. People don’t leave organizations, they leave lousy leaders. Lousy leaders: Ignore the little people and hang with the power-people.… Continue reading

Why Talented Leaders Fail

You can “succeed” at leadership and still fail. We all know leaders who achieved great results but acted like asses in the process. How you show up is more important than talent. You… Continue reading

How to Navigate Collisions Between Leaders and Managers

Leaders change things. Managers stabilize things. Stagnant organizations need leadership. Chaotic organizations need management. Tension: Tension between change agents and stabilizers is inevitable, dynamic, potentially dangerous, and often useful. Ask people who love… Continue reading

Seek Openness – Not Transparency

New Book giveaway!! 20 complimentary copies available. Leave a comment on this guest post by Edgar and Peter A. Schein to become eligible to win one of TWENTY complimentary copies of  “Humble Leadership: The… Continue reading

The Badass Award and Other Ways to Make Hard Work Enjoyable

Hard work is more rewarding than easy work, but no one can give 100% effort 100% of the time. How to make hard work enjoyable: #1. Notice the extra mile. Hard work has… Continue reading

5 Blind-spots that Sink Your Boat Pt. 2

A leader with blind-spots will one day realize that he/she is the reason for the holes in the boat. Everyone spends too much time bailing water when leaders have blind-spots. Work is harder,… Continue reading