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Confronting the 12 Lies Self-Doubt Loves

Normal people dance with self-doubt.

Doubt ignores you until you imagine something new.

Doubt hates dreams.

Self-doubt seeks to protect you.

Here are some simple strategies to help you dance with self-doubt.

Destroy Your Ideas and Other Charlie Munger Quotes

I like Charlie Munger ideas. He was a curmudgeon who said what he thought. It’s preferable to learn from people who actually say something.

Charlie died November 28, 2023, at 99 having not liked vegetables.

3 surprising Munger quotes that will rock your world…

Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors

Self-defeating behaviors are like tires with holes. It doesn’t matter how many times you pump them up.

Here are 3 self-defeating behaviors you can rise above today.

What self-defeating behaviors do you see in yourself? In others?

How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes Leaders Don’t Need to Make

Mistakes are inevitable, but some are avoidable.

The worst mistake is the one you didn’t need to make.

I list 3 big mistakes leaders don’t need to make.

I wonder what you can add.

Feedback: Do These 3 Things Before You Say a Word

The heart of feedback has nothing to do with correct phrasing, strategies, or techniques.

The heart of feedback is being human.

1. Get right with yourself.
2. Put your fixer to bed.
3. Choose how you show up.

16 Ways to Give Constructive Feedback Like a Human

You probably feel uncomfortable giving constructive feedback. Don’t carelessly it quenches enthusiasm.

Done skillfully it increases someone’s confidence.

Here are 16 ways to give constructive feedback like a human.