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5 Simple Intentions to Lift Your Leadership in 5 Days

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Dan Millman Intentions create focus. Focus defines success. You go where you… Continue reading

What does “Choose How You Show Up” Really Mean and Who Cares

The average leader begins the day stressed. Heart attacks are more likely in the morning and may be connected to adrenaline. Thinking about the next thing while you do this thing means you’ve… Continue reading

A 5-Step Response to Employee Concerns About Work-Life Balance

Experienced leaders are coming to grips with a younger workforce that wants more out of life than working long stressful hours. Stressed employees want to minimize pressure. Leaders feel pressure to do more… Continue reading

The Top 4 Mistakes Busy Leaders Make

Mistake #1: Being penny wise and pound foolish. Everything isn’t a crisis, even if you think it is. It’s destructive to allow urgencies to replace priorities. Busyness is no excuse to take your… Continue reading

5 Counter-Intuitive Responses to Painful Situations

Some people anticipate future difficulties and run away. Leaders anticipate painful situations and move forward. The advantage to anticipating painful situations is developing prepared responses. 5 Counter-intuitive responses to painful situations: Open up;… Continue reading

5 Ways to Find Purpose

You’re fortunate if purpose interests you. You have opportunity to consider things beyond food and shelter. The burden of prosperity is figuring out what to do with your life. 5 ways to find… Continue reading