Dads, Daughters, and Dreams

Welcome guest blogger – Becky Robinson.

It’s almost bedtime, and my daughters are splashing in the bathtub, all three of them squeezed together.

I’m sitting nearby, and we’re talking about dreams for the future. The girls and I have talked about dreams before (Little Girl Dreams), but it’s been a while, and I’m curious to hear what they might say.

My middle daughter chimes in: “I want to marry a man just like Daddy, and I want to have four daughters.”  She starts to list off the names she’s chosen for each of her daughters and I find myself thinking that as I talk to my daughters about dreaming, even though I might ask them about career dreams, their dreams really start at home.

It’s something I have struggled with as the mother of daughters. What hopes and dreams should I have for them? Do I encourage them to dream of marriage and family? Do I, instead, invite them to consider what careers they might pursue? Do I steer them toward the shore — and creating a safe harbor for their families? Or do I launch them as ships into the big, wide world? But I want to be a Harbor.

The girls keep splashing, and chattering about how they want to marry a man just like their daddy. He is heroic in their eyes – and strong. He listens to them, and disciplines them, and snuggles them, and makes them feel loved, and special, and pretty.

And that makes me happy, because I know that together, my husband and I are creating a safe harbor for our girls, a place from which they can grow and dream, because all dreaming begins at home.

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