Evil Easter Bunny

The grandchildren visited last weekend. It was Easter. We bought chocolate eggs, bunnies, carrots, and even six pounds of gummy bears.

What’s Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt?

Easter Bunny

Hiding candy is fun for grandparents; finding candy is even more fun for grandchildren. But, watching it being found is best of all.

Stash on the “butter bed:”

During the hunt, they stashed “found” candy on the “butter bed.” (“Butter bed” is the name I gave our king size PosturePedic® bed. It feels like settling into firm butter when you lay down. The grandkids laughed the first few times I said it, but “butter bed” stuck. It’s a treat for them to sleep in it.)

They ran back and forth seeking, finding, giggling, and stashing.

Evil Easter Bunny:

I stood in the hall, looking into an empty room and yelled, “I see some candy you missed!” They’d come running like a stampede of hungry candy goblins. While they were distracted, I sneaked to the “butter bed,” stole candy from their stash, and re-hid it in another room.

I’d stand in the hall, again, looking into another room, and yell, “I see some candy you missed!”

What’s more fun than watching grandchildren hunt for hidden candy? Hiding it again and watching them find it a second or third time!


They got confused when they found candy where the’d just found candy.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and finally told them I was taking their candy and re-hiding it. They looked confused for a bit, and then it hit them. They laughed and said, “Oh! Poppi.”


Remember goals; enjoy the journey.

How do you balance your need to achieve with enjoying the journey?

(Originally posted April 5, 2013)