10 “B” Words for Successful Leaders


Begin: Start something. Leaders find ways to step forward even when the path is uncertain or unclear. Lisa asked, “What can we try,” when the best decision was unclear.

Beguile: Make up a story based on partial information. When he saw Mary whispering to the boss, Bob concluded they were talking about him.

Belief: Ideas that guide decisions, evaluate behaviors, and result in attitudes or feelings. Ann went over the presentation until she knew it backwards and forwards because she believed preparation is the path to excellence.

Belittle: Cause to feel powerless, insignificant, or unimportant. Carl belittled the team when he made decisions without their input.

Belong: A sense of acceptance for who you are. Sally made the members of her team feel like they belonged by acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses without passing judgement. People who feel they belong are courageous to take action.

Better: To improve on. Successful leaders strive to make things better. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of making things better.

Bold: Act with confidence. Be bold when investigating issues you don’t understand. When something doesn’t seem right, boldly explore. Maintain confidence when you feel uncertain by believing you can find answers.

Boundaries: Set limits. Barry enjoys lively debate but steps in when arguments become personal..

Brave: Step up when times are challenging or things go wrong. When teammates violate organizational values, Jane brings it to their attention. “We don’t act that way around here.”

Brief: Succinct and to the point. Trent found his communication was more powerful when he got to the point quickly and left time for questions.

What words that begin with “B” would you add to the alphabet for leaders?

How would you add to or modify definitions I’ve offered?