10 Rules for Moving Forward without Permission

The path of least resistance is a long path to mediocrity.

All leaders press through resistance. If there’s no resistance you’re not reaching high enough.

stand here

Don’t play dead if it really matters.

4 rules for building a relationship with the boss:

If you already feel out in the cold, don’t even think about moving forward without permission. You have bigger problems and they’re probably about you.

  1. Give support and loyalty. Are you constantly adversarial?
  2. Focus on shared concerns. If your new initiative is mostly about your glory, everyone sees it. No one will support it.
  3. Support teammates and colleagues. Are you a team player or a Lone Ranger?
  4. Earn respect. Do you have a reputation of being a person who follows through?

Cautious boss:

The boss has more to lose than you. The sooner you embrace this idea the more influence you gain.

Fearful bosses throw people under the bus to protect themselves.

10 rules for moving forward without permission:

  1. Be nice! Sulking when someone says no isn’t positive influence. Sulking says you’re weak, needy, and selfish.
  2. Keep delivering great results. Pulling back doesn’t encourage others to push for your cause.
  3. Don’t let it go. Leaders are tenacious.
  4. Don’t sneak around. Let the boss know you’re still exploring the idea.
  5. Move forward slowly and in small steps. Don’t bet the farm.
  6. Create validating results and find supporting data.
  7. Find stories of others who are succeeding at what you want to do.
  8. Discern and answer fears, both spoken and unspoken.
  9. Avoid blame. “If you weren’t so blind or fearful…” isn’t going to win you any friends.
  10. Break your idea into small increments and ask permission to move forward on one.

Bonus: Make friends with people who have succeeded with the skill of acting without permission.

Organizations need disruption not destruction. Press forward but don’t do more damage than good.

How can leaders press forward without permission?

What dangers should be avoided?