What John Maxwell Learned from John Wooden

John Maxwell said, “As a young leader … I was always in a hurry. I gave a lot of directions and asked very few questions… I was often wrong but seldom in doubt.”

Humility asks; arrogance knows.

john Maxwell

The best leaders learn from the best leaders.

Maxwell said he was fortunate to, “sit at the feet of John Wooden.” During one of their lunches, Coach Wooden made an off handed comment about asking himself one question everyday.

I asked Facebook fans:

One question leaders could ask themselves every day is ________.

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. Do I have clarity?
  3. How can I become better?
  4. What should I stop, start, and keep doing?
  5. How am I serving?
  6. What am I grateful for today?
  7. Did I help or did I hinder?

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Wooden’s question:

What was the question John Wooden asked himself everyday?

“How can I make the team better?”

Maxwell said that it wasn’t so much the question itself as the practice of asking himself questions that had the biggest impact.

Maxwell’s new book, “Good Leaders Ask Great Question,” has a chapter titled, “What Questions Do I Ask Myself as a Leader.”

4 of Maxwell’s 7 questions:

  1. Am I investing in myself?
  2. Am I genuinely interested in others?
  3. Am I adding value to my team?
  4. Am I investing my time with the right people?

Read more questions in Maxwell’s new book, “Good Leaders ask Great Questions.”

Maxwell in his own words (2:41): 

Questions aid self-reflection.

What useful questions might leaders ask themselves?