Only 35% of U.S. Managers are Engaged

Disengaged leaders lead disengaged teams.

Only 35% of U.S. managers are engaged in their jobs. Is it any wonder that only 30% of the workforce is engaged.* Worse yet, engagement levels go down the longer you stay with the same organization.**

Connection, not distance, increases engagement.

listening is essential to connection

Engaged leaders are more likely to lead engaged teams. Charlene Li’s new book, “The Engaged Leader,” offers practical strategies for leadership success through digital engagement.

Engage with others, if you expect them to engage for you.

Listen at scale

You may not be comfortable creating content for digital platforms, but leverage them to listen.

Listening is essential to connection. Connection enriches influence.

The Engaged Leader,” explains how to hear what people are really saying about you and your organization.

Share to Shape

“When leaders share, they engage and attract followers.” Charlene Li

Sharing creates confidence – confidence ignites boldness. Share what you think so others will know what to do.

Li’s suggestions for sharing through digital channels:

  1. Share with, don’t talk at.
  2. Share frequently. When it comes to sharing information, more is better.
  3. Share informally, more than formally. Formality blocks connection.
  4. Share imperfectly, rather than polished. Polished communications feel staged and contrived. Perfection hinders connection.

*Adapted from, “The Engaged Leader.”

Great decisions are preceded by great conversations. “The Engaged Leader,” explains how to enter and shape digital conversations.

Engage to transform

Distance between leaders and team members increases fear and hinders influence. But, digital channels enable leaders to narrow the perceived gap and connect.

Positive transformation requires powerful connection.

“With digital and social tools, hierarchy and the chain of command disappear and the rules of engagement become less formal…” The Engaged Leader

How might traditional leaders migrate toward digital leadership?


“You start talking about the day they leave the day they start.” Charlene Li

Charlene in her own words (2:02 ):

I had people around me who focused on my weaknesses.

Charlene in her own words (1:28):

(Poor quality is in the recording not the playback.)

*Only 35% of U.S. Managers are Engaged in Their Jobs

**Companies are Maximizing Only 5% of Their Workforces