7 Ways to Rescue Lost Potential

Life is wasted by preparation.

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” Richard Branson

life is wasted by preparation

7 ways to rescue lost potential:

  1. Learn while you go.
  2. Practice while you perform.
  3. Trust yourself while you step out.
  4. Apologize for mistakes.
  5. Listen to feedback.
  6. Adapt.
  7. Step into discomfort.


Fools look at discomfort and run.

Growth begins at the point of discomfort. Comfort is indulgence. Indulgence is the end.

The discomfort of change is the reason things stay the same.

Useful discomfort:

  1. Forget about great achievements in the future. Use your talent now. What can you trust yourself to do?
  2. Choose the most significant thing you can do right now.
  3. Find time to do what matters by doing less of what doesn’t matter. Remarkable leaders work harder at stuff that matters.
  4. Be foolish. Remarkable people, who constantly pursue excellence, sound like idiots to those who accept “good enough.”

Step back from resistance and the present continues unchanged.

Lost potential:

The way you’re wasting your talent is the same way you’re letting others waste theirs.

The excuses you accept from others are the same excuses you accept from yourself. Don’t let yourself off the hook, stay on it.

Good enough isn’t good enough.

Spit in the eye of “good enough.” Regain lost potential by stepping into discomfort. When you’re tempted to step back, step forward.

Found potential: Serve

Serve by meeting a pressing need.

Don’t wait to serve…

Don’t prepare to serve…

Don’t plan to serve…

Serve now!

Talk yourself into, not out of, service.

The person you wish you were prevents you from maximizing the person you are. Bring your best self, not the self you wish you were to a pressing need.

How might too much preparation block success?