15 Ways to Invite and Ignite Commitment

The ability to inspire commitment is the ability to create the future.

Poor leaders invite apathy. Successful leaders ignite commitment.

be a leader who isn't there yet

Uncommitted people:

  1. Lack energy.
  2. Pull back.
  3. Hang around for selfish reasons.
  4. Save their energy for what matters.
  5. Aren’t happy.

Those who aren’t committed find fault; those who are find a way.

15 ways to inspire commitment:

  1. Make people feel they are in the know by practicing transparency. Share information. Outsiders don’t commit.
  2. Expect a lot from yourself and others. Don’t settle for average. Mediocrity doesn’t ignite commitment.
  3. Celebrate personal growth. Be a leader who isn’t there yet. Allow others to see you developing yourself.
  4. Help people feel they matter, belong, and make a difference.
  5. Focus on purpose. High purpose behaviors increase meaning. Meaning invites commitment. Do something that matters.
  6. Define success on personal and organizational levels. What does success look like today? It’s impossible to commit when you don’t know where you’re going.
  7. Track progress.
  8. Lean into tough issues with optimism. Don’t pretend things are OK when they aren’t.
  9. Engage in behaviors that energize people. Don’t take energy for granted. Gain knowledge and understanding of your teammates in order to fuel their energy.
  10. Get things done. People don’t commit to drifters.
  11. Practice curiosity. Ask about current activities and future aspirations.
  12. Enjoy the success of others.
  13. Be honest. Avoid spin.
  14. Provide development opportunities like coaching, mentoring, and training.
  15. Achieve results through relationship. Don’t treat people like tools. Treat them like people.

What might you add to 15 ways to inspire commitment?

What are your top three ways to inspire commitment from others?