Treated Like a Dog

make sure nothing prevents people from maximizing their talent

We owned a miniature dachshund that joyfully welcomed us home every day. We miss the sound of his miniature paws following us.

One day I arrived home to a “normal” welcome-home from my wife and realized that we acted more excited to see Spunkie than we did each other. In that moment, I said, “I wish I was a dog.”

Act like a dog-leader:

  1. Jump up and down and run in circles, when people come to work. “I’m so excited to see you.”
  2. Lick people in the face for no reason.
  3. Forgive offenses.
  4. Sit nearby and cast occasional glances. What’s next? Do you need anything?

Treat people as good as your dog treats you.

5 dog qualities for leaders:

  1. Enjoyment. We already know everything isn’t perfect. Decide to enjoy yourself at work.
  2. Predictability. Adopt rituals and rhythms. Predictability feels like stability. Walk around at the end of every day saying thank you, for example.
  3. Loyalty. Stand up for your team, even if it hurts.
  4. Simplicity. Be clear and direct.
  5. Protectiveness. Make sure nothing prevents people from maximizing their talent.

Treat people like dogs:

  1. Accept their nature. Don’t expect poodles to act like shepherds.
  2. Give clear directions. Come. Sit.
  3. Offer praise quickly, joyfully, and profusely. Imagine praising a dog two hours after they fetched the paper.
  4. Scratch ears and rub bellies. Make people feel good.
  5. Let them run around once in awhile.

Which dog quality is most applicable to you?

Thanks to the person who sent this video: You reminded me of a post I wrote on Nov. 2, 2010. Today’s post is a loose version of that one.