One Day You Begin to Believe

One day you begin to believe and everything changes.

“Everything you will ever do as a leader is based on one audacious assumption. It’s the assumption that you matter.” The Truth about Leadership, Kouzes and Posner.

believe you matter in order to make a difference

4 deadly beliefs:

  1. Hope changes things. Hope is necessary, but hope by itself doesn’t change anything. Apart from action, hope turns to despair.
  2. Things that feel bad should be avoided. Confrontation, for example, is a gift, especially when it’s partially on target. Humility is a always a good thing.
  3. Strong people succeed on their own and receiving help is a sign of weakness.
  4. You should be like everyone else.

5 ways to believe you matter:

  1. Believe in something that matters. Over the last three years, I’ve come to believe in coaching as an essential leadership skill. When I declare the value of coaching, I dare to believe in my own voice.
  2. Make imperfect contributions. Solve a small piece of a big problem. Small progress ignites belief.
  3. Help others believe they matter. You matter when you help others believe they matter. Answer your own self-doubt by soothing the doubts of others. Show people they matter by explaining how they’re making a difference.
  4. Step into fear slowly. You’re afraid you don’t matter. Express your big dream in small ways.
    1. Try one thing, not many. Worry less about all the things you can’t do.
    2. Embrace progress – that isn’t good enough – as a way of life. Occasionally progress is good enough, usually it isn’t.
    3. Say, “Let’s try,” when it might work and you don’t have better alternatives.
  5. Build a track-record of small wins. One day you’ll turn around and say, “Gee, maybe I can make a difference.”

How might leaders learn to believe they matter?

How might you believe you matter, today?