Nicknames Your Boss Deserves But You Don’t Dare to Use

Before you read this post, let me offer my apologies. I’m sorry.

Peter Brittle: Leads a team of head-nodders. Everyone dances around Peter.

nicknames for bad bosses

Cindy Drivelsmore: This leader won’t stop talking, usually about herself.

Wayne Trout: Wayne flip flops on most issues. He’s close friends with Charley Cowers, who only comes out of the shadows when someone else is taking responsibility.

Rod Blockwell: Works to protect the status quo. New ideas are threats, unless they’re his.

Maggie Pokeford: She can’t stand the thought that someone knows something she doesn’t. She’s related to Chip Monk, who constantly stores nuts for a rainy day.

Paul Pisstorius: Loves to make himself look good and others look bad.

Rita Roseview: She believes the universe conspires to help her. She hangs out with Pamela Pixey whose sentences usually sound like questions. Rita and Pamela are irritating optimists who love saying, “Don’t worry. Things will work out.”

Bill Butts: His first word is usually, “But.” Bill makes people feel insignificant.

Dick Ostrichards: Dick is the only one who believes everyone likes him.

Harry Black: This guy sucks the life out of everyone. He and Harvey Ledbetter took vacation together in Sag Habor and had a great time.

Mary Frost: Turns a cold shoulder to people who can’t help her career. Mary enjoys lunch with Kissy Brown.

What nickname would you give a bad boss from your past?

Can you think of positive nicknames for good bosses?