Success is Never about being Successful

You lose yourself when success is all about being successful. Arrogance or discouragement rule the day. 

When success is about being successful, it controls and eventually destroys you. 

Successful leadership sneaks up on you while you’re pursuing other things.

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Three principles that lead to surprising success:

#1. Leverage the circle of identity:

The circle of identity: Behaviors express and form identity.

You are more than behaviors and you become what you repeatedly do.

  1. The journey toward successful leadership begins when finger-pointing ends. Change your behaviors before trying to change “theirs.”
  2. How might inner turmoil reveal conflict between present behaviors and aspirational identity?
  3. How might frustrations with others reveal who you are?
  4. Focus on the the grain of truth in painful feedback. Excuses congeal a disappointing present.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Don’t worry about making a difference. Be a difference.

#2. Become the person you wish others were. Your aspirations for others may reveal your own.

“They should,” is actually, “I should.”

People often begin the leadership journey with the idea that it’s about changing others. Leadership is about your change before it’s about theirs.

#3. Get lost in a desire to serve, not aspirations to be great.

Aspire to leadership because you want to serve, not be served.

  1. The issue is how you achieve greatness, not that you desire it.
  2. Serve because of who you are, not the results you achieve.
  3. Meet a need if you want to matter.
  4. Make someone else great if you aspire to greatness.

What behaviors might result in success finding leaders?

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