Three Anchors to Release Before You Fly

Only a fools expect to get ahead with anchors tied to their feet. But, everyday, leaders cling to beliefs and behaviors that prevent success.

Success requires letting go.

The saddest decisions are the ones that seem helpful, but harm you instead.

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Three anchors to release before you fly:

#1. Release the anchor of expecting ease. Make life easier for others, especially those with heavy responsibility.

Service has value when it meets pressing needs or makes life better for others.

  1. Think about giving, even when it hurts. Say, “Yes,” to opportunities to serve. Disadvantage yourself in order to advantage others.
  2. Set boundaries based on your values. Serving isn’t becoming a doormat. Learn to say, “No,” but say no sparingly. Don’t sacrifice your family in service to others, for example.
  3. Suggest alternatives if you must say no. Don’t just cross your arms like a rebelious toddler.

#2. Release the anchor of holding on to offenses.

People disappoint. People won’t notice some of the great stuff you do. You might not get the credit, even though you did most of the work.

  1. Bitterness pollutes you. You  might think, “If they’re not going to appreciate me, I’m not going to give my best.” Who is harmed by that approach? You might as well fill your pockets with rocks.
  2. Bring up offenses with a generous spirit. Don’t barge in demanding your rights. Think about how to strengthen relationships, instead.
  3. Take responsibility for your part in offenses. Perhaps you should have communicated more clearly. Maybe you said, “Yes,” when you should have said, “No.”
  4. Explore solutions more than pointing fingers.

#3. Release the anchor of waiting for the perfect moment. Step out before things are “just right.” Imperfect progress trumps the myth of perfection every time.

Explain what you’re trying, not why you’re waiting.

What other anchors hold leaders down?

How might leaders release anchors that weigh them down?

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